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Our Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys at Montlick and Associates have seen the firsthand consequences of collisions between 3,000-pound passenger cars and 80,000 pound fully loaded tractor-trailers. Whether the truck crash is caused by driver fatigue, drugged driving, improper maintenance, an overloaded truck or other unsafe trucking practices, other vehicle occupants face significant risks when commercial carriers and truck drivers fail to comply with trucking regulations, established trucking industry safety practices and traffic laws. Semi-truck crashes are more than "car accidents involving a large vehicle;" rather they are complex motor vehicle claims that require specialized knowledge regarding trucking practices, regulations and related issues. This blog provides information on a wide range of issues involved in big-rig collisions in Georgia as a resource to other law firms, and to help provide general information to trucking accident victims about their rights and remedies.

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Georgia Trucking Accidents and Electronic Stability Control Devices in 18-Wheelers

January 18, 2018

Georgia 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer

Discuss the Need for Stability Control in 18-Wheelers 

In 2017, there were 1,533 fatalities due to truck accidents in the state of Georgia. Many of these accidents involved a truck overturning, sometimes on a busy roadway. When a truck overturns in traffic, many more innocent victims can become part of the accident. Physics play a large roll in rollover accidents. When a large commercial truck comes upon a curve, centrifugal force results in the truck leaning away from the direction of the curve and a truck rollover results. When a rollover occurs, millions of dollars in productivity are lost and serious traffic tie-ups are likely. Even worse, nearly two-thirds of all truck accident fatalities involve a rollover.

Are Truck Under-ride Guards Providing the Necessary Level of Protection in Georgia?

January 17, 2018

Georgia 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers Discuss Truck Under-ride Guards

Driving behind a large commercial truck you have likely noticed the metal bar hanging down from the bottom rear of the truck’s trailer. Those metal bars are called under-ride guards and their purpose is to prevent passenger cars from slipping underneath the trailer in the event the trailer is rear-ended by the smaller vehicle. Although there has been a push for over two decades in the U.S. mandating the use of under-ride bars, the truth is the strength of those bars remains woefully inadequate. In a crash test performance of the average under-ride bar installed on a tractor-trailer, the guards were not strong enough to withstand even a 35 mph crash. This study sent an average-sized sedan crashing into the rear of a truck at 35 mph with a crash dummy behind the wheel. Although the under-ride guard fully met current governmental standards, the vehicle slid right under the truck, removing the top of the vehicle—as well as the crash dummy’s head.  

Was Your Georgia Accident Caused by an Overloaded Truck?

January 16, 2018

Was Your Georgia Accident Caused by an Overloaded Truck?

While the general perception is that trucking accidents are caused by unsafe driving, there are other factors involved in accidents involving large commercial trucks. When an 18-wheeler is too heavy, the momentum of the truck is changed, making it more difficult to stop and more likely to skid out of control during a minor swerve. Even though there are laws in place which dictate weight and height limits, these laws may be circumvented in the interests of getting a load delivered quickly.

18-Wheeler Accidents Caused by Fatigued Truck Drivers in Georgia

January 04, 2018

Montlick & Associates, Attorneys At Law: Georgia Lawyers For Victims Of Fatigued Truck Drivers in Georgia

Large trucks arguably make our nation run. Many people argue that without truck drivers hauling freight across the nation, our economy would come to a standstill. The numbers tend to support that theory. Large trucks move 70% of all goods shipped in commerce in the United States, weighing 10.49 billion tons. In 2015, there were 3.46 million large trucks on the road hauling freight, driven by 3.5 million registered CDL, or commercial driver's licensed, truck drivers. Those drivers traveled almost 170 billion miles.

Georgia Trucking Accidents - Six Steps to Help Protect You and Your Family

December 08, 2017

Six Steps to Protect You and Your Family From a Catastrophic Truck Accident in Georgia

What Makes Trucking Accident Litigation Especially Complicated?

While all motor vehicle accident related injuries can provide a basis for pursuing a personal injury claim, trucking accidents pose unique legal issues and practical challenges.  Collisions caused by the fatigued driver of a semi-truck or a commercial carrier that fails to drug test a driver are more complicated than a typical car accident.  The most obvious difference between semi-truck crashes and accidents involving passenger cars is that one of the vehicles can outweigh the other vehicle by 25 times or more.  This massive weight differential means that occupants of the passenger car are especially likely to suffer devastating injuries.

What You Should Know About Rental Truck Accidents in Georgia

October 14, 2017

What You Should Know About Rental Truck Accidents From a Georgia Car Accident Attorney

Many of us have used U-Haul and other rental trucks to move from one home to another, or to transport large items that do not fit in a normal passenger car, SUV, or truck.  Depending on the size of the rental truck, it can be difficult to maneuver if you do not have a lot of experience driving large vehicles.  However, most of the rental trucks available to customers are designed to function as any other SUV, truck or van would, and does not require a specific skill set or specialized driver’s license.

Fatal Chain Reaction Crashes Involving Tractor Trailers In Georgia

September 16, 2017

Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia Reports on Two Chain Reaction Crashes That Involved Tractor Trailers In Georgia

A 36-year old woman tragically died in a chain reaction car crash this Labor Day weekend on I-16, near the middle of the state of Georgia after striking the rear of a tractor-trailer truck. Fortunately, the woman's infant son, who was in the backseat, survived the crash but had some injuries. A car seat properly secured the child. In another fatal accident, a 32-year old woman died when she crashed into a tractor-trailer truck that stopped short on I-85 in Coweta County to avoid colliding with a car that forced the tractor-trailer to stop short. These tragic collisions show how dangerous chain reaction crashes can be.

The Value Of Having Black Box Data in Georgia Truck Accident Cases

September 10, 2017

Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia Discuss The Value Of Having Black Box Data

Almost all new cars come equipped with a black box. The black box, which borrows its nickname from the data recorders found in airplanes, are otherwise known as event data recorders, or EDRs for short. According to automotive industry estimates, 96% of all new vehicles purchased within the last five or six years are sold with EDRs. Having this technology on board assists attorneys like the Atlanta car accident attorneys from Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law prove their case against careless drivers who injured their clients.

I-16 Truck Accident in Atlanta That Left Three People Dead

August 26, 2017

Our Georgia Trucking Accident Attorney Discusses Explosive I-16 Truck Accident in Atlanta That Left Three People Dead

An Atlanta area truck driver is facing vehicular homicide charges after allegedly causing a catastrophic and fatal accident on I-16 earlier this month, which has been extensively covered on the news.  The accident happened when the truck driver slammed his tractor-trailer into the back of a Chevy Cobalt and a pickup truck.  Both vehicles caught fire immediately, and the driver of the pickup truck was burned beyond recognition. 

Truck Accident Lawyers in Atlanta Warn Drivers About Blind Spot Dangers

August 23, 2017

Our Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys in Atlanta Warn Georgia Drivers About Blind Spot Crashes 

There is a simple rule of thumb to avoid getting stuck in a truck driver's blind spot when driving near or around 18-wheelers. You must be aware that the truck driver cannot see you if you cannot see the truck driver's face in his or her side-view mirrors.  If you or someone you love was injured in a large truck crash because the driver failed to clear the blind spot, the truck accident attorneys at Montlick & Associates can advise you on your legal rights as well as what steps can be taken to protect those rights.

Several People Injured In a Cobb County Dump Truck Accident

August 22, 2017

Several People Injured Following Cobb County Dump Truck Accident – Georgia Attorney Explains

WSBTV recently reported that several people suffered injuries following a dump truck accident that took place near I-575 in Cobb County.  One woman said she was waiting at a light for it to turn green when a dump truck overturned and buried her car with dirt.  The accident involved eight vehicles and dozens of individuals who were evaluated by paramedics.  What is significant about this accident is that the truck may not have been traveling at a high rate of speed, but was still able to cause a significant accident that resulted in injuries, demonstrating that speed is certainly not the only factor that can lead to a serious trucking collision.

Companies Pursue New Ways to Make Long-Haul Trucking Safer From Accidents

August 19, 2017

Multiple Companies Pursue New Ways to Make Long-Haul Trucking Safer – Georgia Attorney Explains

From Google to Tesla to Uber, a significant number of well-known and lesser-known start-up companies are researching ways to implement self-driving long-haul trucks on our highways.  Additionally, companies are finding ways to make long-haul trucks more environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient.  We have already seen common car makers unveil self-driving cars, and our Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia believe there is still room for improvement before self-driving cars can become a reality for many drivers.

Georgia Truck Crash Lawyers Comment On New Pickup Truck Seatbelt Law

August 17, 2017

The Truck Accident Attorneys at Montlick & Associates Comment on the New Pickup Truck Seatbelt Law 

Around July 4th, Georgia's new pickup truck seatbelt law went into effect. The new law mandates pickup truck drivers and front seat passengers to wear seatbelts when the vehicle is operated on a public roadway. Georgia's previous mandatory seatbelt law did not require pickup truck occupants to wear seatbelts. Given the carnage Georgia residents suffer on the road on an annual basis, it is a welcomed idea. At Montlick & Associates, we have decades of experience representing people who were injured in pickup truck accidents through no fault of their own.

The Benefit Of Automatic Emergency Brakes to Prevent Truck Accidents

August 16, 2017

Truck Accident Attorneys in Atlanta Examine the Benefit of Automatic Emergency Braking Systems to Prevent Truck Accidents in Georgia

Automatic emergency braking is the newest autonomous feature which could significantly increase the safety of large trucks in the United States. Traffic accidents involving large trucks would be substantially decreased if automatic emergency braking was universally installed. The system continues to be tested and scrutinized by regulators, and, to this point, the results look promising. The proliferation of automatic emergency braking, or AEB, will not eliminate accidents involving large trucks, but roads would be safer. At Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law, our experienced Georgia truck accident lawyers use their vast experience, superior knowledge, and significant resources to increase the odds that our clients receive compensation for their large truck accidents in Georgia.

New Research Indicating Significant Increase in Traffic Fatalities in Georgia

July 21, 2017

Traffic-related Fatalities Caused by Negligent Drivers in Georgia Are on the Rise

Recent improvements in traffic safety would seem to provide a basis for optimism that collision-related injuries and deaths will decline in the near future.  These innovations include investment in safer roadway design, vehicles equipped with collision avoidance systems, autonomous (self-driven) vehicles, and tougher drunk driving laws.  Despite these innovations, a new report suggests that much remains to be done to make the roadways of Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Georgia safe for drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  In this blog, our Georgia auto accident lawyers examine the factors that have contributed to the recent rise in traffic fatalities throughout the state.

One Adult and One Child Airlifted to Area Hospitals Following Motor Vehicle Wreck

May 10, 2017

A recent wreck involving a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer injured the driver of the car and his passenger, a child, so severely that both of them left the accident scene by helicopter. The driver of the car was airlifted to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, while the juvenile was flown to Children's Hospital of Georgia. The crash occurred when the driver of a tractor trailer passed a car and tried to move back into the right lane on I-20 West.

The Emotional Aftermath of a Truck Accident

March 03, 2017

Most of us get into our vehicles each and every day and travel to work, to school, to run errands, visit friends and family, pick up and deliver the children to their daily activities and any other activity which requires us to go any significant distance. Unless you live in a city which is fully covered by a mass transit system, then it is very likely that you drive a car on a regular basis, sharing the road not only with other passenger cars, but with big eighteen-wheelers which travel the highways delivering goods.

The Danger Posed by Overloaded Tractor-Trailers

February 18, 2017

Atlanta Trucking Accident Lawyers Examine Danger Posed by Overloaded Tractor-Trailers

Because tractor-trailers frequently outweigh a passenger car by 25 times or more, collisions involving large trucks often cause permanent injury or wrongful death. Because of the potential for catastrophic injury and horrific carnage, federal regulations impose maximum weight limits to reduce the number and severity of crashes involving big-rigs. The State of Georgia adopted the federal regulations governing commercial vehicles with a weight of 10,001 pounds or more in 1972. Pursuant to these regulations, tractor-trailers must stop at weigh stations for inspection when traveling on Georgia roadways. In this blog article, our Atlanta trucking accident lawyers examine the threat to public safety posed by overweight tractor-trailers.

The Extreme Danger Posed by Distracted Truck Drivers in Georgia

February 12, 2017

Drivers that do not devote their full attention to the road put others with whom they share the roadways at risk, but this risk is never greater than when the vehicle being operated by a distracted driver is an 80,000 pound fully loaded tractor-trailer combination. A prominent Kentucky tractor-trailer accident that was widely reported by the national media provides a compelling example of the life-altering impact of distracted truck drivers. The truck driver crossed into oncoming traffic before colliding head on with a passenger van. Ten vehicle occupants in the van had their joyous caravan to a family wedding instantly turned into a terrible tragedy when they died in the collision, according to NBC News.

Understanding the Restrictions on Alcohol Use by Truck Drivers

February 12, 2017

Most commercial truck drivers are law-abiding and safe when traveling.  Commercial drivers that operate tractor-trailers may cause horrific trucking accidents when they operate their enormous vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. In order to protect other vehicle occupants, there are strict regulations that pertain to alcohol and drug use by commercial drivers. These rules are designed to keep alcohol-impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel of a big-rig. Nonetheless, both truck drivers and trucking companies sometimes disregard these regulations with tragic results.

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