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Our Georgia Auto Accident Lawyers at Montlick and Associates know that those who are involved in a car accident while traveling the streets and highways of Georgia typically have many questions about their options and remedies. Motor vehicles accidents can cause life-altering injuries or the loss of a loved one, regardless of whether you are a driver, passenger, motorcyclist or pedestrian. Our auto accident attorneys have provided this blog to answer general questions about legal claims arising out of car crashes, to provide a resource to other lawyers, and to promote safe practices that can prevent accidents before they happen. While this blog covers the practical, factual and legal issues regarding a broad range of vehicle accidents, we know that you may have specific questions, so we invite you to contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Georgia Car Accident Attorneys.

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The Growing Problem of Road Rage in Georgia

January 15, 2018

Auto Accident Attorneys in Georgia Discuss the Growing Problem of Road Rage in Georgia  

All automobile accidents have the potential to be traumatic for all those involved however, accidents involving road rage introduce another element into the mix as well. Aggressive driving and road rage incidents are becoming increasingly common across America as our increasingly-busy lives leave little patience for any type of slow-down needed while driving. Heavily congested freeways fill morning and evening commutes with tension causing the most even-tempered person to lose their cool.  A study which looked at fatal auto accidents from 1990 to 2006 found a significant number of those accidents to be the result of road rage. Further, AAA found that aggressive driving behaviors factor into at least 56% of fatal crashes.

Georgia Booster Seat Law and Safety Tips

January 13, 2018

Georgia Booster Seat Safety

Our children are our greatest asset.  In essence, they are our future.  We, as parents and adults, share a societal responsibility to help ensure all children stay safe.  Keeping children safe on the roadway is a vital part of this mission.  Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 12 years old.  Each year, approximately 600 children under the age of 13 are killed in motor vehicle accidents.  One-third of these young accident victims were killed as a direct result of improper use of child safety restraints, including car seats, booster seats, and safety belts.  Study after study demonstrates that the use of proper safety restraints reduces the risk of death in infants by over 71% and in children by up to 59%.

Back-To-School Means Georgia Drivers Must Exercise Greater Caution

January 12, 2018

Back-To-School After Winter Break Means Georgia Drivers Need to Exercise Greater Caution

Back-to-school after the New Year can be an exciting time of year for many children in Georgia. Students are excited to be reunited with their favorite teachers, friends, and have new experiences. However, back-to-school, after the winter break, is also the time of year when drivers need to exercise the greatest caution when driving near buses, bus stops, and in school zones. After a couple of weeks off from morning bus routes and paying close attention to children, it is easy to lose some focus and become complacent as a motorist. That is why motorists must be ever vigilant and anticipate that a young child might do the unpredictable.

Georgia Car Seat Safety Resources Links Page

January 10, 2018

Montlick & Associates' Georgia Car Seat Safety Resources Links Page

Keeping abreast of car seat safety information is important to ensuring you are taking the right steps when placing your child in a car seat.  Children are always vulnerable, but are even more vulnerable at the age when they must be placed in a car seat.  As such, the more you know when purchasing and using a car seat, the more likely it is that you are using a car seat as intended.  

Filing a Booster Seat Lawsuit in Georgia

January 09, 2018

Montlick & Associates Examines How to File a Defective Booster Seat Lawsuit in Georgia

Automobile accidents have the potential to result in significant injury or even death, to any driver or passenger involved.  When it comes to our children, however, injury and death seem unfathomable, especially because our children have so much to look forward to in their young lives. 

Georgia Booster Seat Laws and Child Passenger Safety in Georgia

January 08, 2018

Georgia Booster Seat Laws 

Child Passenger Safety in Georgia

All states have their own unique laws regarding child safety seats and seatbelt use.  In Georgia, the booster seat laws have been strengthened in response to a saddening large number of Georgia children being seriously injured or tragically killed in automobile accidents.  Booster seats have been proven to help reduce the risk of injury or death in children, and Georgia’s enhanced booster seat laws are aimed to encourage their proper use for children younger than eight (8) years old.

Georgia Car Seat Laws and Regulations

January 07, 2018

Georgia Car Seat Laws

Georgia Car Seat Safety

While babies always seem safest in the arms of a loved one, the opposite is true when traveling Georgia roadways with your little ones.  Your baby is three-times more likely to be injured in a crash when he (or she) is not properly restrained.  Until they reach the age of 12 months and weigh at least 20 pounds, infants must be restrained in a federally approved car seat. 

The Role of an Expert Witness in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Georgia

December 28, 2017

The Role of an Expert Witness in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Georgia

Expert witnesses can be used in numerous types of personal injury and medical negligence cases, including auto accident cases. Whether or not the case goes to trial, a personal injury attorney may decide that using an expert witness is necessary to protect their client's rights. Many accident victims are unaware of the significance of the expert witness’ role in some complex motor vehicle accident claims. For example, if the insurance company of the "at-fault" driver is denying fault for the accident, an expert witness may be needed to analyze the accident scene and demonstrate the negligent action of the other driver. 

Atlanta Accident Attorney Finds Dash Cams Are Growing in Popularity

December 27, 2017

Dash Cams Growing in Popularity in the United States

You are driving home from work on a busy afternoon. Your route requires you to pass through several intersections. Out of the blue, as you enter an intersection, another car slams into your passenger side. Fortunately, you are not seriously injured, and the other driver does not appear to be, either. However, you begin to argue as to who ran the red light. If there are no witnesses to the accident, how would you prove that you had the green light?

Seven Reasons to Hire an Experienced Georgia Car Accident Attorney

December 23, 2017

When to Call an Attorney after a Car Accident -- Seven Reasons to Hire an Experienced Georgia Car Accident Attorney

If you are T-boned in an intersection by a driver who runs a red light, or your motorcycle is forced off the road by a motorist making an unsafe lane change, you can experience life-altering injuries.  If you only suffered minor damage to your vehicle with no injuries, you might not need an attorney to handle your claim.  Auto accident victims that suffer any injury, however, should see a doctor and disclose all symptoms even if they seem minor.  Sometimes trauma to the head will not immediately manifest obvious symptoms that reveal a serious injury.  However, delays in seeking medical attention can permit swelling to occur inside the skull that increases the pressure on the brain, creating a risk of permanent brain damage.  If you suffer any form of physical injury in a motor vehicle accident, speaking with a personal injury attorney can be a critical step in protecting your legal rights.  In this blog article, our experienced car accident lawyers offer seven reasons to retain legal representation.

Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Georgia Car Accidents

December 20, 2017

When drivers travel in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, they generally do not anticipate the possibility that they will be involved in a serious traffic accident that could cause a spinal cord injury. However, there are between 6,000 and 10,000 people per year who make that same assumption and suffer spinal cord injuries in a motor vehicle accidents while driving or riding in cars, motorcycles, trucks or SUVs based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Car accidents account for nearly half of all new spinal cord injuries. The CDC also reports that alcohol is a significant contributing factor in causing a quarter of all spinal cord injuries.

Drunk Driving Can Justify Punitive Damage Awards in Georgia

December 18, 2017

Georgia Auto Accident Attorneys Explain Drunk Driving Can Justify Punitive Damage Awards in Georgia

When you experience serious injuries in a car accident, you might be confronted with intense pain, significant emotional distress, a grueling course of rehabilitation, and permanent disability.  The angst associated with overcoming these hardships can be much more intense when your injuries result from a preventable accident caused by a drunk driver.  While the danger posed by driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated might be widely acknowledged, alcohol-impaired drivers continue to constitute the leading cause of traffic-related fatalities.  Drunk drivers continue to cause over 10,000 deaths per year while causing serious injury to millions more.  In this blog article, our experienced drunk driving accident attorneys in Georgia analyze the special issues in personal injury and wrongful death cases involving intoxicated drivers.

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for a Car Accident?

December 17, 2017

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for a Car Accident in Georgia?

Our car accident attorneys frequently are asked by auto collision victims whether they need to hire a lawyer.  The answer to this question is not straightforward.  While a person injured in a crash suffers serious injury or loses a loved one, there is no requirement that the injury victim or surviving family retain legal representation.  Although auto accident victims have the right to pursue a lawsuit for financial compensation without an attorney, plaintiffs who pursue this course are at a distinct disadvantage when taking on insurance companies with a team of adjusters, insurance defense lawyers, and accident reconstruction experts.  Insurance companies also will have the benefit of virtually limitless financial resources to defend their insured and mitigate the carrier’s liability for a money judgment or settlement.  Our auto accident law firm works with injury victims to balance the scales of justice in their favor.  This blog article  discusses important reasons to hire legal representation.

Are Self Driving Cars Really Going To Be Ready Anytime Soon?

December 14, 2017

Will Self Driving Cars Be a "Safe" Reality?

In early November 2017, a self-driving shuttle bus crashed in Las Vegas. The shuttle was active for only a few hours before it crashed. It began its maiden voyage two hours before after a ceremony announcing the shuttle’s launch. Although it was successful, that fateful trip calls into question the efficacy of the program as well as the notion that self-driving or autonomous vehicles are even close to becoming a reality. The technology might not be as reliable as industry leaders might have you believe.

Traps for the Unwary When Dealing with Insurers

December 13, 2017

Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Highlight Traps for the Unwary When Dealing with Insurers

Insurance carriers often leverage injury victims’ lack of experience and knowledge when dealing with accident claims.  Many claims are compromised by strategic errors such as those generally outlined in this blog article.

Important Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Insurance Companies After an Accident

December 10, 2017

Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Important Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Insurance Companies

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else, feelings of stress and uncertainty are natural reactions. If you experience injury, the pain and prospect of medical treatment often intensify your anxiety.  Collision victims overwhelmed by these physical and emotional challenges might not place a high priority on pursuing a legal claim or navigating insurance company obstacles.  However, insurance carriers do not maximize their profits by promptly paying the full value of legitimate claims.  Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Montlick & Associates have provided a list of important things to avoid when dealing with the other driver’s insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions about Georgia Car Accidents Causing Traumatic Brain Injuries

December 09, 2017

Georgia car accident lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accidents Causing Traumatic Brain Injuries

Although the media and a recent motion picture have focused on traumatic brain injuries caused by contact sports like football, motor vehicle accidents constitute a more common cause of head injuries that result in brain damage.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1.7 million people in the U.S. suffer traumatic brain injuries each year.  Since 17.3 percent of these TBIs result from motor vehicle collisions, approximately 294,100 people per year suffer a brain injury in vehicle crashes.  In this blog, our Georgia personal injury lawyers answer frequently asked questions about TBIs experienced in auto accidents.

Damages for Traumatic Brain Injuries in Georgia

December 01, 2017

Our Car Wreck Attorneys in Georgia Explain Damages for Traumatic Brain Injuries 

The Georgia car wreck attorneys for Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law frequently represent victims who have suffered traumatic brain injuries in accidents caused by the negligence or carelessness of others. Traumatic brain injuries can result in death, disfigurement, or permanent disability requiring 'round the clock care. In these situations, it is critical for the victim and his or her family that they receive the most considerable amount of financial compensation possible. Significant monetary compensation can help ease the burden of caring for your loved one.

Accident Reconstruction For Red Light Crash Lawsuits in Georgia

November 29, 2017

Georgia Car Wreck Attorneys Discuss Accident Reconstruction For Red Light Crashes

Accident reconstruction can be a key component to proving liability in your case. Not every car crash requires accident reconstruction and analysis. However, in some crashes, including those that occur at an intersection where one party claims to have the right of way at an intersection controlled by a traffic signal, people could benefit from an expert’s opinion about how a crash occurred. The red light accident attorneys with Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law, understand when an expert accident reconstructionist is necessary to use in a case.

Teen Truckers Could Soon be Hitting Georgia Roadways

November 27, 2017

Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys Report

Teen Truckers Could Soon be Hitting the Roadways

Congress is currently weighing passage of a proposal, supported by the United States trucking industry, that would allow drivers as young as 18 years old to operate massive tractor trailers between states.  The plan is part of a larger highway legislation that the Senate is considering and it could lead to many more teen truckers driving tractor trailers nationwide. 

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